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Welcome to Hound Dog Hotel - the most exclusive 24/7 dog care you never knew existed.... 

Hound Dog Hotel - not just dog friendly – but designed with dogs in mind!


some of our thousands of pictures of many happy guests enjoying their holidays with us  

Our service in a nutshell

We provide outstanding, one of a kind Specialist Pet Accommodation for a very small number of social VIPs (Very Important Pooches in case you’re guessing). Insured and professional in every aspect, Hound Dog Hotel is the ultimate in holiday care for dogs, so you can enjoy your time away knowing you furpal is in very experienced and expert hands.

So you’re not a Kennels?

We are as far away from kennels as it's possible to get - not a concrete floor or cage in sight! Hound Dog Hotel offers exclusive round the clock accommodation for typically 4-5 furguests at any time.  For dogs a stay here is pup paradise - Summer Camp except that it's just for Canines - where there are ready made mates for fun and play with wonderful outdoor leash free adventures! 

Where would my VIP live?

All dogs live inside the Hound Dog Hotel as shown on this website living in air conditioned comfort – cooled in summer/heated in winter.

Where would my VIP sleep?

Dogs sleep inside in the lounge (or in Maralyn’s bedroom!)  And there is a deluxe range of beds to choose from - to suit every size of dog.

Would my dog get individual attention?

We pride ourselves in providing individual attention to our doggie guests. This includes meeting the needs of each dog including serving ‘at home’ diets (owners provide). There are regular play times through the day with enrichment activities. Then as the day winds down there is time for cuddles on the couch.

I don’t want my dog left alone but some I contacted go out to a job during the day. Do you leave my dog and work elsewhere?

This is where we truly excel because Your dog is Our job! There are no resident dogs and no children at the Hound Dog Hotel. This means all our time is devoted specifically to the dogs here - making this a truly one-off and professional, dedicated service. Think of it as a Boutique Hotel where the happiness and safety of the furry family member you love is paramount. We are present 24/7, caring for and supervising the small number of dogs in our care fully around the clock.

Whatever you look up on Google, whether it is Central Coast for Pet Sitting, Dog Minding, Pet Minding or Dog Boarding - whatever the category - it can be a a lottery finding top quality care for you pooch. But once you have found Hound Dog Hotel you will have discovered a service combing outstanding canine care (which includes exercise) with the highest professional standards.

Sept 2019: On one of our walks managed to catch this hilarious clip. Watch Coconut, Cavoodle age 4, Nelson, Beagle 11 months, Frankie, Choc Lab age 12 months & Raadi, Rhodesian Ridgeback age 15 months doing their impression of Benny Hill ! Many more clips on the Videos page.

Spaniel Lady, Labradoodle Leo, Boxer Ruben, Kelpie Kelly & Golden Retriever Herbie at the end of a 4 km adventure outing having been running around for 1 hour 45 minutes, (They're waiting for a treat - good dogs!)

Spaniel Lady, Labradoodle Leo, Boxer Ruben, Kelpie Kelly & Golden Retriever Herbie at the end of a 4 km adventure outing having been running around for 1 hour 45 minutes, (They're waiting for a treat - good dogs!)


Do they have outside access and if so is it safe?

Our outside area is one of the best you would find anywhere and includes:

  • Flat safe courtyard and generous grassed area

  • 6’ fencing all round

  • High Security: double gates one side, triple on the other - both outer gates on each side are always padlocked


Summary of what's included

  • 24/7 expert professional care

  • 5* air conditioned accommodation (cool summer/heated winter)

  • Caring and cuddles not because we have to - but because we love to!

  • Amazing leash free adventure walks - 60-90 minutes of fun - 5 days a week

  • Outings so active they tire out even the most energetic of hounds

  • Dogs run free, play with the pack, chase toys, swim in calm water, or read the Doggie Newspapers (sniff to you and me!)

  • Exercise is GPS tracked with screenshot of maps for owners to review

  • ‘Pupdates’ (reports and pics) capturing your dog’s mischievous moments posted daily to Facebook

  • Enrichment activities throughout the day with regular play sessions

  • Highly secure outdoor garden

  • Climate controlled travel


Additional 'Extra Specials' for guests staying 10 or more days  

Spa treatment:  Your furpal returns home fresh, clean, tired and happy - and smelling wonderful after our full professional shampoo!

Unique memento:   During their stay with us your pal has their very own holiday, full of activities and adventures -  Dogscapades we call them - to keep them entertained. So you don’t miss out on all their fun, in addition to the daily reports we compose a montage of photos and videos to music where you will see your dog enjoying the time of their life. This truly unique memento is posted to the Hound Dog Hotel web site for you to view and enjoy again and again (check out the videos page to see examples). 

This must be expensive

When you take into account the breadth of this truly elite service, with the many extras included, we believe we are heads, waggy tails and paws above the rest. Our clients think so too, here is an extract from a reference sent to us by Stef, owner of one year old Groodle, Ted:

“How your dog gets looked after at the Hound Dog Hotel is seriously priceless, but it’s also the same market value as some pet resorts where your dog only gets a 30 mins run and then has to spend 23 ½ hours sitting in a concrete prison.”

Experiences like this are why we have so many regulars book with us again and again. We know we won't be within everyones' budget, but if you are looking for the best for the dog you love you have found it at the Hound Dog Hotel. 


Clients Say Wonderful Things.
Here Are Some Snippets:

Maralyn’s Hound Dog Hotel far exceeds anything I could have ever expected from a pet-sitting service. It’s worth every penny and I won’t be sending Bella anywhere else in the future.
— Kirsten, Groodle, BELLA
If dogs could write references, Maralyn would enjoy rock star status within the canine community! We just know that Izzy would say:
“Maralyn, you are the best!”
— Shaun & Felicity, Lab X, IZZY
Maralyn perfectly combines a highly professional approach with an incredible personal, caring touch (with both dogs & their owners!) I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Gina, Labradoodle, LEO
Maralyn is a reliable, trustworthy, compassionate, loving lady who obviously adores animals… I have no hesitation recommending her service to anyone who requires the best pet care available.
— Jane, Jack Russell, PEBBLES
I cannot describe the peace of mind and joy which the reports and photos bought to us, enabling us to enjoy our holiday completely stress free, knowing the dogs were being so well looked after.
— Sandy, re her two dogs, TWISTY & OXLEY
The “Walk” that Maralyn takes the dogs on each day is amazing, they get to run, play, swim and meet other dogs. It’s NOT a 30-minute walk on a lead around the block, it’s a full on extensive exercise, play and stimulation session rolled into one.
— Lisa & Barry owner of big bouncy Boxer RUBEN

Here are a couple of 'real photo' montages of some of the many wonderful dogs that have enjoyed their very own holiday experience at the Hound Dog Hotel.






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