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Some pictures of our many happy guests enjoying their holidays with us – 


At the Hound Dog Hotel, your dog receives the very best in canine holiday care! With only 3-4 Very Important Pooches (or VIPs, as we like to call them) in residence at any one time, your dog enjoys endless attention and affection.

During their stay, your dog becomes part of the family and is treated with the same love and devotion that you give them at home. As well as daily adventure walks, whenever possible we take our guests out and about with us on daily activities too, just as you would.

We meet all your furpal’s needs:

Emotional - pats, fuss,  attention, and our watchful, continual company.
Physical - games, play and at least one long exercise session every day, come rain or shine.

Canine guests share our home with us, and always sleep indoors. Living 'in residence' they enjoy air conditioned comfort, while having access to our specially adapted and highly secure garden for play and sunbathing in between walks.

Vets who know us, recommend us, including Seaforth Vet Hospital and Terrigal Vet Hospital. Why? Because we monitor your dog’s health and wellbeing at all times and if we believe that medical attention is required, we act sooner rather than later. In fact, we’re so attentive and experienced that we’ve been known to spot health matters that owners have missed!

The motto we live by:  'Your Dog Is Our Job'. We are dedicated to providing the best quality, most specialised dog care anywhere - and then some!

Whether running, playing, relaxing, eating or sleeping, at the Hound Dog Hotel your dog will do it in style, and enjoy it like home. 

We know a happy dog means a happy owner. Your peace of mind matters and when you leave your dog in our care, you can relax and enjoy your holiday.


Clients Say Wonderful Things.
Here Are Some Snippets:

Maralyn’s Hound Dog Hotel far exceeds anything I could have ever expected from a pet-sitting service. It’s worth every penny and I won’t be sending Bella anywhere else in the future.
— Kirsten, Groodle, BELLA
If dogs could write references, Maralyn would enjoy rock star status within the canine community! We just know that Izzy would say:
“Maralyn, you are the best!”
— Shaun & Felicity, Lab X, IZZY
Maralyn perfectly combines a highly professional approach with an incredible personal, caring touch (with both dogs & their owners!) I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Gina, Labradoodle, LEO
Maralyn is a reliable, trustworthy, compassionate, loving lady who obviously adores animals… I have no hesitation recommending her service to anyone who requires the best pet care available.
— Jane, Jack Russell, PEBBLES
I cannot describe the peace of mind and joy which the reports and photos bought to us, enabling us to enjoy our holiday completely stress free, knowing the dogs were being so well looked after.
— Sandy, re her two dogs, TWISTY & OXLEY
The “Walk” that Maralyn takes the dogs on each day is amazing, they get to run, play, swim and meet other dogs. It’s NOT a 30-minute walk on a lead around the block, it’s a full on extensive exercise, play and stimulation session rolled into one.
— Lisa & Barry owner of big bouncy Boxer RUBEN
 A 'real photo' montage of many of the dogs that have enjoyed their very own holiday experience at the Hound Dog Hotel - adding new dogs to this all the time!

A 'real photo' montage of many of the dogs that have enjoyed their very own holiday experience at the Hound Dog Hotel - adding new dogs to this all the time!






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