Dread leaving your beloved pooch behind when you go away?

Banish guilt whilst your dog enjoys their very own holiday at the Hound Dog Hotel !

Find out why our 24/7 doggy accommodation is one of a kind!


Very Important Pooches

Hound Dog Hotel is an exclusive, prestige option for those who want only the best for the fur pal they love who means the world to them.

Guest numbers are normally only 4* which is why the Hound Dog Hotel is the perfect choice those seeking the highest level of service and care for their VIP - Very Important Pooch! 

Just as at home, VIPs live and sleep inside with us all year round - and they do so with the added luxury of air-conditioning.

In fact we are so dedicated to making our doggy guests as relaxed & comfortable as possible that they can cuddle up on the sofa and even choose to sleep on it at night too (only if they are allowed to do so at home, of course!)

Freedom, fun, games and exercise - and it's all part of the service. No 24/7 lock downs here!

All Doggies Great & Small

Size is no object either.  What does matter is that all VIPs have good temperaments. This is why we have an assessment** for all dogs before a first booking to ensure that each dog is friendly and well socialised so guests get along in harmony. 

Exercise, Outings & Updates

When it comes to exercise nothing comes close to the fabulous adventures your dog will have. From Monday to Friday your dog will enjoy exciting  'dogscapades', varied outings with free running, canine play times, ball chasing, but most important of all intriguing smells to track down! 

The epic walks are tracked by GPS and the routes from the walks are sent to owners as screenshots. These show maps detailing where we walked, how long we were out for, and the distance covered.

We often go to the headland at Davistown or the local tidal estuary. We also go to nearby, dog-friendly, leash free***  beaches (including Avoca, Copacabana, Terrigal, Wamberal, & Shelly). As swimming is available at many of these locations your dog can show off their aquatic skills!  

Daily wellbeing reports & photos are all a part of the service.  We call these daily communications 'pupdates':-)  Again and again clients tell us how much it meant to them to receive not only these detailed daily 'pupdates' with stories of the fun and games their dog was getting up to, but also numerous photos to enjoy.

Enrichment & Play

In addition to the frequent exercise sessions, there are enrichment sessions of play & games at various points throughout the day.

And when your dog fancies a rest from all the action, they can settle down in the cool air con and watch their favourite movie - Leo's is 'The Lion King'!

Dog Beds

We offer a large range of comfy beds in all shapes and sizes. There are sprung 'child mattresses' for large hounds, padded beds for medium pooches,  and the sofa for pooches who like to feel regal!

Some doggy guests love their own bed the best & choose to sleep on it, so owners are welcome to bring their own dog bed.  Others - even with their own bed as an option - decide to play 'musical beds' & share beds with other guests. Or for a change they sometimes just use the floor! It's rather adorable to see. 

Room Service

Hygiene and cleanliness are high on our priorities - it's a rare day that the Chambermaids (us!) aren't running the washing machine cleaning the doggie linens - bedcovers and towels!

Visiting Hound Dog Hotel Before Booking

We love it when owners come to visit us. Before a first stay it's ideal to visit the Hound Dog Hotel with your pooch.

A visit gives owners an opportunity to experience what makes us unique. It also gives dogs the opportunity to get familiar with the the house and garden, have a play with other guests, & enjoy a few treats - often my homemade 100% natural specials!

Then, when your dogs comes for their holiday, they have already 'recorded' good associations of Hound Dog Hotel as a happy and fun place. 

The Grassy Garden

The outdoor area - courtyard and garden - has been especially adapted to suit our canine guests. It's exceptionally secure with high fencing & double gates (padlocked) on both sides.

Dogs can enjoy the spacious grassed garden for pack play, games, and then cool off in the paddling pool in hot weather. There is also a dedicated hot & cold outdoor shower / shampoo station - just for the dogs!

Vacs + Ticks & Flea Treatments

To protect all guests each dog guest must be fully up to date with their vaccinations. We require a copy of current vaccination certificates from all guests prior to check-in. Tick & flea treatments must be up to date when dogs come to stay. 

Owner's Checklist

The Owner's Checklist is provided upon booking. It is thorough and covers all the essentials and more. This means owners don't need to worry about what needs to be organised before their dog's stay. It's all there in black & white. 

Drop Off,  Pick Up & Transport Service

We recommend a highly professional local dog transport taxi. They offer a door to  door service at a reasonable rates.  (see Contact page)

Hound Dog Hotel VIPs get attention everywhere!l

Hound Dog Hotel VIPs get attention everywhere!l

All sizes welcome!

All sizes welcome!

Coconut, Leo and Toby having fun at Davistown

Coconut, Leo and Toby having fun at Davistown

Leo watching his fav movie 'The Lion King'

Leo watching his fav movie 'The Lion King'

Bella, Hugo and Coconut - where can I sit?!

Bella, Hugo and Coconut - where can I sit?!

Lovely spaniel Lady on the sofa

Lovely spaniel Lady on the sofa

Bella, Leo, Lacie & Kaylee in the Grassy Garden looking at birds!

Bella, Leo, Lacie & Kaylee in the Grassy Garden looking at birds!

GPS maps sent daily of our walks. Here is Davistown, a favourite exercise 'off leash' venue. It has everything - calm, clean water for swimming, sand, grass, trees - and even more dogs to play with!

GPS maps sent daily of our walks. Here is Davistown, a favourite exercise 'off leash' venue. It has everything - calm, clean water for swimming, sand, grass, trees - and even more dogs to play with!

*Guest numbers are normally between 3-5, occasionally 6 at very busy times of year such as public & school holidays.

**Assessments can be carried our during visits to the Hound Dog Hotel, on walks, or occasionally over the telephone.

 ***As the majority of our walks are off leash this does mean we can only take doggie guests with reliable recall.  

Extra Benefits of choosing the Hound Dog Hotel



Once a new client had stayed with us (minimum 5 consequetive day qualifying period) they become a Hound Dog Hotel Premium Member which entitles their dog to exclusive and very competitively priced additional services:-

  • Doggie Day Care

  • Epic Adventure Walks

Further details and costs are on the Fees page.


Treats figure highly on the menu. Every day each guest receives an extra special treat (at least one) from a variety of Dog Treats keep in stock.  As well as my Home Made Treats any of the following might be given:

Fresh treats:
Chicken necks (loved by almost all dogs)
Roast chicken de-boned and chopped into tasty morsels

Extra Special 100% Natural Home Made Meat Treats:

Home made treats have to be the ultimate - pure unadulterated meat with nothing but goodness. It's not hard to make them. Using, for example, Lamb Fry or Free Range Chicken Livers, I boil these meats to cook them first. Then when cool cut into slices which are placed into Dehydrators where I semi-dry them. In that way they don’t go rock hard and retain a superior taste. Below shows the way they are made:-

On our Epic Adventure Walks I always carry treats. They are ultra tasty for maximum temptation! These extra special reward treats are given to the dogs during the session & always at the end when they are asked to sit to get a treat before leads go back on.

Quality commercial products:
Pic below shows assortment of commercial treats. Beef ears are very popular and much less greasy than pigs ears.



As with the finest commercial foods we only use professional grade shampoo as used by Groomers (Trade name Progroom). This product cannot be purchased at retail outlets.

Throughout their stay your dog is kept clean & brushed and showered as needed. However, as part of the totality of the service  with bookings of 10+ days guests are given a double shampoo and groom before coming home. So you get to be reunited with a sweet smelling hound!



My relationships with dogs spans over 25 years. I was an owner of a pair of rescue German Shorthaired Pointers and over the last 6 years have looked after dogs from most Breeds and of all Shapes & Sizes. 

Prior to setting up my Hound Dog Hotel web site, I’d already published over 60 dog blogs with over 42,500 hits.  My blogs address subjects including training, diet, behaviour, quality home made treats, making free toys, and more. About all things dog, they’re detailed and informative.

Today I post blogs to both Hound Dog Hotel as well as continuing to post using my  ‘Perfect Pet Sitter’ blogspot.  


Whether it is the care of our dog guests, or communication with our clients, we focus on not simply meeting expectations - but exceeding them. So for those who will accept nothing but the best for their four legged friend, the Hound Dog Hotel is the obvious choice. 

Hound Dog Hotel - not the cheap option,  the elite option.




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