- The Ultimate Care Package For Your Dog -

Hound Dog Hotel specialises in long term stays

First 28 days  $64 per day
Fee from 31st day  $56 per day

Hound Dog Hotel Premium Members* can book short stays (1-4 days) at normal day rate = $64

(New clients wishing to book a first stay of less than 5 days = $82 per day)

Public Holiday surcharges apply


 Fees are per day and you can check your dog into the Hound Dog Hotel anytime from 8am - 6pm.  Please note: we strongly advise you take full advantage of our earliest (8am) check in time and latest (6pm) collection time, as whether you drop your dog to us at 8.01am or 5.59pm the fee is the same.  An early check in (8am - 11am) means you gain the best value and also get your dog off to a flying start by ensuring they can join the pack walk on their first day which will help them settle in quickly.

 Puppies - minimum age 12 months. Slightly younger can be considered where a puppy is fully toilet trained, no longer chewing, social and comes to recall. Higher 24 hour rate applies to puppies of $82.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer places to Staffordshire Bull Terriers (Staffies).


After a dog has stayed as a guest for a period of 5+ days, the owner automatically becomes a Premium Member. This gives them access to exclusive additional services for their dog which are priced at low levels:-

  • Doggie Day Care: ANY PERIOD BETWEEN 8am-6pm $55

  • Doggie Day Care includes an Epic Adventure Walk

  • Epic Adventure Walks 60+ minutes $30

Doggie Day Care - with our Epic walk included - and Epic Walks,  are special services offered only to existing clients (Hound Dog Hotel Premium Members). We can offer this as we know their dog already. We know they are a social and well adjusted pack member, that they can be allowed off leash, and that they are fully up-to-date with their vaccinations.


Terms & Conditions

Bookings are only finalised when clients provide a signed acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.  Full Terms & Conditions are available through the link at the base of each page (below our telephone number).  

A few of our key terms & conditions are set out below:

Drop off & Pick Up Times

  • Earliest arrival/drop off on first day of stay - 8am

  • Latest collection/handover on final day of stay - 6pm

  • Earlier start & later end times attract a further day's charge

Holiday Surcharges

All Public holidays & days named below are subject to 50% surcharge:

  • Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Sunday & Monday

  • Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day

Deposit To Lock-In Dates

When you want to book holiday dates for your dog, to give you time to finalise your travel arrangements, we will hold your requested booking for 5 working days. Then when you are ready to confirm your booking,  to lock-in your dates a non refundable deposit of 50% is payable on presentation of the invoice.

N.B. When your deposit is paid, you can relax as your dates are secured and fees fixed to the level at the time the booking was made. Please be aware, deposits are not refundable under any circumstances and no refunds are made if there is a subsequent reduction to the initial number of days booked. 

Paying The Balance

The second 50% payment is payable no later than 28 days prior to the start of your dog's holiday. 

Same Month Bookings

Any booking made for a holiday that same month is payable in full immediately on presentation of the invoice. 

Vet Cover

Whilst we are caring for your dog, veterinary attention might become necessary. We only accept guests when owners have agreed in writing to pay any arising veterinary costs. (Owners provide us with details of a valid credit card at the start of their dog's stay). 


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