With affection, attention and company for you beloved pooch, our round the clock service at the Hound Dog Hotel provides the highest quality pet care you will find anywhere. So you can go away and relax knowing when your dog stays with us they will be treated with the same kindness and love you give them at home. 

Your dog may be the only VIPP (Very Important Pampered Pooch!) present, but more often what makes it such a great holiday is there is play-ready canine company here in the shape of two or three other doggie guests (occasionally a fifth during changeover periods). Keeping guest numbers so low means we can give lots of attention to each of our VIPs.

Your furpal will live free and unfettered in the Hotel and be allowed off leash during their daily exercise sessions. This is why we can only accommodate guests that are social, well behaved and that also have good recall. 

‘Your Dog Is My Job’.

I take being present as so important that guests are rarely left alone. In fact if I need to go out for more than a couple of hours I organise a baby pooch sitter to stay during my absence.

A happy dog is a tired dog – A tired dog is a happy dog’.

Enriching, quality exercise is a key part of my service and residents enjoy active leash free walks daily – sometimes they’ll even get an second walk. And every day without fail owners are sent reports which include numerous photos to enjoy. Plus, as each exercise session is GPS tracked, you receive map screenshots. These show the route - where we went, how long we were out and the distance we covered. And as if all that is not enough – we often take our canine guests out and about with us too!

So, company – human and canine - and no boring segregation or cells for your furpal at the Hound Dog Hotel. And we don’t wrap your dog in cotton wool anymore than you do, so here they can play and have fun with other doggie guests and with their long daily walks often return home even fitter than when they arrived..

When your dog goes out they wear one of our monogrammed Hound Dog Hotel collars.  Having collars with our details is just one of the things we do to minimise obvious risks as the care of your VIP and their safety in one of our highest considerations. However, just sometimes the unexpected can happen. Dogs can tread on something in the grass or water, get cuts, strains, sprains, hot spots and who knows what.  Such things by their very natural are totally unpredictable.

Example, one of my clients has a lively and robust cross breed Izzy. Compact and nimble, Izzy seemed the last dog you would expect anything to happen to. Yet one day Izzy’s owner was just about to return home at the end of an uneventful walk when she actually saw something happen to little Iz.  Izzy was running and made a sharp turn, as she did so her back leg slipped awkwardly between some grass and sand. The next moment Izzy was yelping in pain. That incongruous action seriously damaged a ligament, resulted in expensive vet treatment with 6 months therapy, and severly curtailed her normal exercise for a while.  The point of this is that it happened with her owner, but could have happened with anyone.  

Therefore this disclaimer reminds you that whilst the safety and welfare of animals left in our care is our paramount concern, whether on our premises or outdoors being exercised, it is a condition of acceptance that dogs are left with us wholly at the owner’s financial and other risk, and no responsibility whatsoever is taken by us for accidents, injury or illness suffered or caused, howsoever arising.