We are proud of our many glowing references & many of the dogs below are also in starring roles on the videos page. What clients say about our unique service:


Lisa about TESS:

Tess is a 3 year old Border Collie who could possibly be the fastest dog that has ever stayed. She runs down balls at amazing speed, see her on the Videos page.

Tess is a 3 year old Border Collie who could possibly be the fastest dog that has ever stayed. She runs down balls at amazing speed, see her on the Videos page.

Maralyn from Hound Dog Hotel is amazing,
my very active 3 year old border collie stayed
at Hound Dog Hotel for two weeks and the
care Maralyn gave her was outstanding. 

Maralyn takes her guests (dogs) out daily for
runs, walks and swims and the dogs all love her. 

Maralyn also keeps you up to date every day
on how your pup is going. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hound Dog Hotel
to anyone.

Lynda & Donald about LILY & JACK:

We left our 2 precious babies Jack and Lily (mini schnauzers) with Maralyn over Christmas. We received daily emails photos and videos the whole time we were away. Maralyn took them for big walks every day...which going by the videos we could tell they loved every minute (and Maralyn)

We cant thank her enough as we felt like our dogs were having their own fun holiday in a home away from home. 

Brother and Sister, Lily (on the left) and Jack were not just close in looks, but inseparable. They would sleep together and groom one another, quite adorable.

Brother and Sister, Lily (on the left) and Jack were not just close in looks, but inseparable. They would sleep together and groom one another, quite adorable.

Scott & Prachi about GRACIE:

Gracie is a 3 year old Australian Shepherd dog and wonderfully fun - she learnt to swim during her stay and loved the water by the time she left.

Gracie is a 3 year old Australian Shepherd dog and wonderfully fun - she learnt to swim during her stay and loved the water by the time she left.

Thanks for taking such great care of Gracie, and we couldn’t have enjoyed our trip as much as we did without all your updates and pictures - knowing she was having such a wonderful time and under great care put us at ease. There is definitely no other place than with you she will be staying for any future trips! Thanks so much! We are finally back and Gracie is here sleeping on the bed after a play in the park this evening. I think her fitness level has increased and she is looking fantastic, from the spa bath - and all the exercise you and her puppy companions provided!

Chris & Lynne about LADY:

Spaniel Lady, a sweeter dog you couldn't imagine

Spaniel Lady, a sweeter dog you couldn't imagine

We first met lovely, gentle Cocker Spaniel Lady when we fostered her. She had been rescued from a puppy farm where for three years she’d been forced to breed puppies in appalling conditions and had been badly affected by her dreadful experiences. We fell in love with her and decided to keep her. Unfortunately however, we had already booked a holiday due just two weeks after we officially adopted her. We were therefore extremely anxious about the affect this would have on Lady’s rehabilitation.

We need not have worried as we cannot speak highly enough about the love, care and attention she received whilst staying at the Hound Dog Hotel. It was obvious she felt safe and she settled in well in Maralyn's lovely dog-friendly home. The frequent in-depth reports and photos that Maralyn sent us whilst we were way assured us that Lady was in the best of hands. We certainly highly recommend Hound Dog Hotel as a superb place to give your doggie a holiday and give it 5 stars.

Belinda & Connor about COCO:

Jack Russell x Cattle Dog Coco. Super smart & fabulous fun, with confidence and maturity of a much older dog.

Jack Russell x Cattle Dog Coco. Super smart & fabulous fun, with confidence and maturity of a much older dog.

Coco had a fantastic time with Maralyn for 3 weeks. Daily emails were great & the kids looked forward to them. Had no worries as our little precious was in the best of hands & had a great time including a lot of snuggling with Maralyn on the couch of an evening:) Maralyn is very knowledgeable about dogs and I'd defer to her if I had any doubts in the future. We have grandmothers to see on the other side of the world as regularly as we can, so we're so happy we found Maralyn & will need to be sure to lock her in for our next adventure, I know Coco will be happy to have more holidays in Hound Dog Hotel too.

Tracy about MISTY:

Misty is tiny yet brave as a lion and loved every dog she met.

Misty is tiny yet brave as a lion and loved every dog she met.

I was referred to Hound Dog Hotel by a friend and took my little one year old Misty to meet Maralyn on a walk. After the walk I went to see the set-up where the dogs sleep, eat and play. The place is immaculate. No cages, just leather lounges, multiple dog beds and of course, the best spot, being on Maralyn's lap. I knew this was the perfect solution.

Maralyn's attention to the dogs in her care, both large and small, is amazing. They are treated so well, walked every day, given great treats, brushed and have the company of other dogs. The dogs are also really well behaved as she continues the 'rules' you have at home during their stay. The dogs all bond and even end up snuggling together.

Everyday that we were away, Maralyn sent a detailed and lengthy email (and even several texts) telling us what Misty had been doing that day with a map of where they walked. We all looked forward to those nightly emails and especially the absolutely beautiful photos. To my total surprise, when I went to collect Misty, she had been bathed, shampooed, dried and brushed. She looked a million dollars. We were also given a USB with hundreds of photos and videos including videos of Misty learning to swim.Leaving Misty for any length of time used to bring tears to our eyes (especially the kids). However, that has all changed for the better since we met Maralyn and now for our Misty there is no other choice but Hound Dog Hotel.

Kirsten about BELLA:

Bella is a Groodle. Her fabulous coat didn't stay this colour when the tide was out! After many of our Epic Adventures it was Shampoo Time!

Bella is a Groodle. Her fabulous coat didn't stay this colour when the tide was out! After many of our Epic Adventures it was Shampoo Time!

I first contacted Maralyn on a recommendation from a local dog owner who uses her service on a regular basis. After sending my dog Bella to Maralyn for almost 2 weeks, I found her Hound Dog Hotel far exceeds anything I could have ever expected from a pet-sitting service.

Maralyn contacted me as soon as Bella arrived and sent me pictures of their walk straight afterwards. From then on, I received a minimum of 1 sometimes 2 emails a day, with maps of their walks, details of what she’d been doing and the dogs Bella enjoyed playing with, sleeping and eating habits. It was marvellous.

I have previously sent my dog to family and once to a pet resort, but was anxious while I was away as I received no pictures or updates about what Bella was up to. But I can honestly say I would be happy for Bella to stay with Maralyn at her Hound Dog Hotel for any length of time.

The pampering and exercise the dogs receive is second to none. I could enjoy my holiday knowing Bella was being beautifully cared for and was having the time of her life with other dogs for company.

Maralyn’s service is worth every penny and I won’t be sending Bella anywhere else in the future. Once again, thank you for such a superior service

Jane about COCONUT:

Coconut - fiesty & fun -a fabulous little dog. She is a Tomboy though, often covered in twigs & leaves! So chose this pic after one of the many showers I gave her.

Coconut - fiesty & fun -a fabulous little dog. She is a Tomboy though, often covered in twigs & leaves! So chose this pic after one of the many showers I gave her.

Firstly, thank you so much for caring for my 2 year old cavoodle, Coconut, for 6 weeks while I was away. From the minute I dropped her off until the day I picked her up, I was relaxed and confident in the knowledge that she was in the best care available.

I so looked forward to your daily updates, photos, and videos and knew she was having as good a holiday as I was ... albeit without the champagne !

At the start of her stay I told you she had developed an annoying habit of barking at all sorts of noises and sights, which I was struggling to change. I was also concerned about her recall and wasn’t confident to let her off lead. However, since the training you provided during the time she was with you, I have seen a dramatic, positive difference in her behaviour. Her recall is now fantastic, and so I’m at last able to let her off lead knowing she will come back to my call.

Her barking has significantly improved! As soon as she barks I go straight to the sequence of your training, and as you said, it's not a discussion! She often stops barking simply with my stern “No” and I don't often need to “circle” her now. In short, you've made my life with my beautiful dog so much easier and more enjoyable, and as I said if you ever decide to take Human guests at he Hound Dog Hotel ... I'll be your first customer !

Claire about BAILEY:

Pug cross Bailey, a sweet old chap who loved having young canine company

Pug cross Bailey, a sweet old chap who loved having young canine company

Oh my goodness – what can I say - this is by far the most perfect pet stay we have ever encountered! 

Maralyn looked after my elderly dad's dog Bailey (Bailey is an old boy too) – and went well beyond the expectations of any pet carer we have ever had and I am still amazed at her kindness.

To dad's delight every day Maralyn sent several emails about Bailey's activities and welfare. There were photos of his daily walks (and gps tracked maps so that we could see exactly where he had walked) and great snaps of him snoozing in air-conditioned comfort or playing with the other dogs.  These emails and photos made it so much fun as we could watch Bailey enjoying his stay which made it so much easier for my dad to be away from his boy. 

Dogs are treated like royalty in Maralyn’s home. She trimmed Bailey’s nails as they were too long,  gave him baths…  we just couldn't have wished for better care for Bailey. She goes so far and beyond expectations - there just aren't enough stars to show it - and I would certainly recommend her to anyone. 

Nadina about SOLI:

Border Collie Soli, he loved herding the pack & bounced around at top speed

Border Collie Soli, he loved herding the pack & bounced around at top speed

You know when you have truly found a perfect match for your dog and an exceptionally special service when your beloved canine comes home from their holiday just as relaxed & happy as you are!

We had looked at other places but they just didn’t feel right or the businesses were evasive and vague when answering my questions such as sleeping/exercise arrangements. Then we stumbled across Maralyn’s HoundDog Hotel and we are so fortunate and lucky we did.

Every detail re food, routine, habits, health & quirks was thoroughly looked at and discussed prior to our dog ‘Soli's’ (2yr old border collie) three week stay. Maralyn was so knowledgeable, warm, open and transparent with answering all questions I asked and displayed such passionate dedication to what she does.

I felt very confident that we were leaving our dog in a safe, secure, loving environment where he would be well exercised, socialised and doted on. Regular written and visual email updates meant a comfortable peace of mind.

My boys loved seeing all of Soli’s daily walking & swimming adventures with his newly acquired canine pals and the antics they got up to. He just looked just so exceedingly happy.

Thank you Maralyn for the exceptional 24/7 care you gave Soli. We are so incredibly grateful. Without any hesitation I would happily and highly recommend Maralyn’s Hound Dog Hotel service.

Lisa & Barry about RUBEN:

FullSizeRender 14.jpg

We want to express how delighted and grateful we are to Maralyn for her wonderful Hound Dog Hotel and the service she provides. Our furchild Ruben, a 2 year old Boxer, had not stayed with anyone else and we needed someone to care for him while we went on holiday. Being big, energetic, a little bit goofy (and rather spoilt) we were concerned Ruben would become stressed or depressed if we didn’t find the right person/place. (We had thought about getting someone to come to the house to feed and walk him, but we were certain that this would be very difficult for him, as Ruben is such a social fella and would be unhappy on his own for most of the day). On Google I happened across The Hound Dog Hotel website and when we met Maralyn at her house (Hotel) Ruben took a liking to her straight away. We met some of the other guests (dogs) who were very friendly and Ruben was outside and inside playing with them within minutes. CONT....

.... A few days later we bumped into Maralyn and some of her guests at her usual walking spot. After this we were even more convinced that Maralyn and her Hound Dog Hotel was the place for Ruben to stay.

The “Walk” that Maralyn takes the dogs on each day is amazing. They get to run, play, swim (paddle in Rubens case) and meet other dogs. It’s NOT a 30-minute walk on a lead around the block, it’s a full on extensive exercise, play and stimulation session rolled into one. Then when they get back to the Hotel, there’s still fun to be had in the garden yet the dogs can find a space for alone time if they need it.

While we were away we were so grateful and happy to receive the daily emails and updates and could see from the photos Ruben was having a ball! It was also good to know that Ruben had someone with him and the other guests all the time. He wasn’t at a kennel where he was by himself in an enclosure and only getting interaction and play at designated times. He could also have his own bed and food as well as Maralyn’s wonderful treats.

When went to collect Ruben he was happy to see us, but was not overly concerned that we were back, he was just playing and being his usual bouncy self. Maralyn had so much time for us to explain how Ruben had been and what he had been up to. And she had even gone to the trouble of giving him a bath before we arrived (which is not an easy feat). We will not hesitate to have Ruben stay with Maralyn again and we have already recommended her services to some other dog owners that we have met. Hound Dog Hotel provided a home away from home, for Ruben and we couldn’t have been happier, thank you Maralyn.

Lucy about AUDREY:

Audrey, a super active Cocker Spaniel, proudly having retrieved the 'lighthouse' float from the water

Audrey, a super active Cocker Spaniel, proudly having retrieved the 'lighthouse' float from the water

It is hard to put into words exactly how grateful we are to have found Maralyn to look after our Audrey! Maralyn has been looking after Audrey since she was just a little puppy, both at our house (in previous years) and at the Hound Dog Hotel (more recently) and it is always such a relief to be able to go off on holiday knowing that our girl is having a holiday too!

Like all spaniels Audrey loves the beach and the water and so with daily beach visits and opportunities to go swimming she is in doggy heaven! She has so much fun when she goes to stay at the Hound Dog Hotel.

The set up that Maralyn has at the house and the care she gives the dogs is just incredible! Maralyn is a true dog lover and ensures the highest standard of personal attention to the dogs. Audrey always comes back well groomed (a cocker spaniels coat is not easy to maintain), in excellent form and super happy. She acts like we never went away which is always a really good indicator of a good time. Maralyn I can’t thank you enough for looking after Audrey, as you know she is so precious to us and we wouldn’t trust her to just anyone. You really are one in a million!

Jenny & John about KURO:

Kuro was one confident Cavoodle and a bundle of fun

Kuro was one confident Cavoodle and a bundle of fun

Thank you for looking after our lovely 8 month old very friendly Cavoodle, Kuro.

From the daily reports & photos Maralyn sent we could see Kuro had an absolute ball & loved his companions Soli & Leo who were staying at the time. Daily trips to Brisbane Waters & the beach allowed for plenty of exercise & fun.

Maralyn is very caring & genuinely loves dogs & looks after them like her own including brushing Kuro's long hair!

As this was the first time we have left Kuro I am so glad that we found Maralyn. We will certainly have no hesitation in leaving Kuro with Maralyn again.

Gloria & Paul about KELLY:

Kelly 9 year old Kelpie X, wonderful to see her relax and enjoy her own holiday!

Kelly 9 year old Kelpie X, wonderful to see her relax and enjoy her own holiday!

Our Kelly is a 9 year old Kelpie X and has the nick-name Shadow as she is very anxious and follows us everywhere. Because of this when our usual minder was not available we were very worried about having to find someone new to leave her with for three weeks. So we were delighted to find Maralyn and her Hound Dog Hotel who turned out to be the perfect fit.

Rather than the normal single familiarisation visit, as she knew we were so worried about Kelly, we made four trips to her ‘Hotel’ and from there we went on walks together. This was so Kelly could get to know the place, Maralyn, the transport and the new routine. This was just part of her service.

Whilst we were away Maralyn sent us a very detailed report every single day without fail. There were always numerous great pictures showing our Kelly playing and swimming (which she adores). And included were screen shots of GPS maps showing where they had been and how long they’d been out.

In addition to the comprehensive daily reports we were often delighted to receive surprise additional messages and pictures. These were of Kelly at the Hotel playing Fetch games, rolling in the grass in the garden, or just sleeping - in the lounge during the day or at night in the bedroom with Maralyn.

At the end of Kelly’s stay Maralyn took the time to do a printed report with some suggestions about Kelly that we could review when we got home. She also gave us a Flash Drive with many pictures and video clips of Kelly put together with music. This is a unique memento and great summary of Kelly's vacation at the Hound Dog Hotel.

Our girl has been well and truly looked after. She came back to us freshly shampooed and looking fit as a flea and really did have her very own holiday! Would recommend Maralyn to everyone.

Fiona & Gavin about HARVEY:

Dogue de Bordeaux - 68 Kg Harvey easy going loveable and a wonderful boy

Dogue de Bordeaux - 68 Kg Harvey easy going loveable and a wonderful boy

Out driving on day I saw Maralyn’s vehicle and phoned her to ask if she cares for big dogs – because our Harvey is a Dogue de Bordeaux and at 68 kgs he really is a big dog! She said size of dog was not important but they had to be very social – which was reassuring as Harvey is just a big softie.

We took Harvey to meet Maralyn which gave us an opportunity to view the set-up. Harvey was relaxed and at ease as he investigated the place, and we found the ‘Hotel’ dedicated to the care of dogs and highly secure. After the visit we took Harvey out for a walk with Maralyn who passed our tests and Harvey passed hers! So we booked Harvey to stay then and there. The daily reports and many pictures showed our Harvey having a great time

Harvey is easy going, but being so big he needs the right handling - you can’t ask just anyone to look after a dog of his size. And we love him and knew it would break his heart to be locked in a kennel as he loves fuss, pats and cuddles – all of which he got from Maralyn at the Hound Dog Hotel. So it’s great to know we have found someone who has the knowledge and experience to be able to provide care as good as we give him at home. Thanks Maralyn, if we need care for Harvey again we know where to come!

Bayden (age 9) & Maddie (age 11) about SPARKY:

Cavoodle Sparky, only 2 yet a cracker of a dog, obedient and full of beans and a terrific family dog

Cavoodle Sparky, only 2 yet a cracker of a dog, obedient and full of beans and a terrific family dog

Best dog sitter ever! Our dog loved it! Maralyn sends pictures of your dog every day. She makes your dog happy and even trains your dog to be better behaved! When you pick up your dog Maralyn gives you training tips and creates hand made toys and treats! She makes your dog smile and there are always other dogs to play with! I rate Maralyn a 5 star dog sitter!!
Bayden age 9

Thank you Maralyn for taking care of Sparky. Although I missed him a lot I knew that he would be in great hands! I love the fact that you take him on long walks on land and in water every day, and I'm sure he has great time! Every day you send us AMAZING photos and in each and every one it looks like he is having a brilliant time, his tail is always wagging and he seems to be smiling! The treats you make, Sparky absolutely adores, with chicken and sausages all mixed together there is nothing Sparky would miss! We know our dog loves you too because when we take him home he always looks for you! Maralyn always gives us tips and trains him on the way. Maralyn stands for…. M Magnificent A Animal lover R Reliable A Amazeballs L Loving Y Yippee N Nice. I love Sparky to come to you anytime! Maddie age 11

Martene & Mark about BRODIE:

Beaglier, all round live wire and bundle of energy, Brodie

Beaglier, all round live wire and bundle of energy, Brodie

Maralyn has been fantastic when looking after our pup Brodie - an 18 month old high energy Beaglier.

We first met Maralyn when we were out walking our new puppy and she and Brodie had an instant rapport, so when it came time for Brodie to have a little holiday, it had to be Maralyn.

Brodie had a fabulous time with Maralyn and other fur friends holidaying too.

And it was really lovely to get the daily updates to see what fun adventures she’d been on. Brodie is always happy to meet new friends and so the daily outings were perfect for her.

We are really grateful to Maralyn for taking special care of our fur kid and would highly recommend the Hound Dog Hotel for their professional and personal 24 hour care.

Thanks again Maralyn, Brodie looks forward to her next stay with you.

Jeremy about HUGO:

Labradoodle Hugo, energetic, easy going, biddable & completely adorable

Labradoodle Hugo, energetic, easy going, biddable & completely adorable

I generally don’t write reviews, however I feel compelled to let everyone know what an amazing service Maralyn runs. Leaving your fur child with a stranger can be a difficult task. Maralyn is a dog lover at heart, and we felt at ease as soon as we dropped off our Hugo.

Maralyn runs a very professional dog sitting business and during the 14 days of his stay with Maralyn, she sent us detailed updates via email, usually twice a day. The emails came with up to a dozen pictures and a GPS tracked path of the walk they did. Hugo got to run and play with a pack and he had the time of his life.

She adopted Hugo as one of her own and showed genuine concern and affection to him.

We will definitely be using her again next time we go on vacation and I would highly recommend her to watch your dog.

She may be a bit more expensive than other sitters, however she is well worth every penny. You cannot put a price on peace of mind. The only problem now is that he didn’t want to come home :)

Lisa about ROSIE:

Cavoodle Rosie, the sofa wasn't soft enough!

Cavoodle Rosie, the sofa wasn't soft enough!

Rosie our Cavoodle is more than a dog to us, she is our baby girl! Maralyn understood this, and treated her like we would ourselves.

We went on holiday knowing she was in good hands, and the daily detailed updates and photos reassured us even more. This was exactly what we wanted in a petsitter, and Rosie loved the exercise and care she received.

We really were very happy as not only has Maralyn got an obvious love of dogs, she also has experience and knowledge. You can be certain your dog is in good hands, and we would definitely use her again! thanks!'

PS. I think Rosie has been a bit depressed and misses your long daily beach walks!! I'm trying to get her out more.

Sandy & Hamish about TWISTY & OXLEY:

Twisty & Oxley, big, but two of the best trained dogs that have ever stayed!

Twisty & Oxley, big, but two of the best trained dogs that have ever stayed!

Whilst my husband and I enjoyed a 3 week holiday overseas, our 13 year old Wolfhound cross (Twisty), and 9 year old cross (Oxley) stayed at the Hound Dog Hotel.

As a professional dog trainer and walker, when considering who to entrust with the care of my own dogs, I have very high standards of expectation. But after visiting the Hound Dog Hotel and seeing Maralyn’s competence and how well she had things set up for dogs, I felt confident to leave our two in her care.

Her Hotel has been set up for the comfort and safety of the doggy guests with access to an array of comfortable beds and the large paved/grassed yard is double gated as added security.

Maralyn is calm, assertive, and the dogs immediately responded well to her approach - which is a fantastic balance of providing lots of affection, whilst still ensuring the dogs practice basic good manners.

Every single day during our trip, Maralyn sent an array of photos. These included a GPS map showing where our dogs had been taken on their daily (sometimes twice daily) walks, and the photographs let us know what they’d been up to. I cannot describe the peace of mind and joy which the reports and photos bought to us, enabling us to enjoy our holiday completely stress free, knowing the dogs were being so well looked after.

On calling to collect them we found them in tip top shape and they greeted us with wagging tails. Then while we chatted with Maralyn over a cup of tea, they settled peacefully back onto their ‘hotel beds’ clearly comfortable and relaxed in their ‘holiday home’.

The level of professionalism, care and attention to detail which Maralyn provides is second to none. And reading the daily reports it becomes clear that Maralyn spends a lot of time interacting with her doggy guests, as she gets to know their likes, dislikes and ‘personalities’ very well indeed.

I would not hesitate to recommend Maralyn’s Hound Dog Hotel to anyone looking for exceptional dog care.

Jill about TOBY:

8 year old black Lab Toby - a very enthusiastic diver and swimmer!

8 year old black Lab Toby - a very enthusiastic diver and swimmer!

'Hi, my name is Toby and I'm an 8 year old black Labrador living on the Central Coast. My mum & dad were going away and wondered where I could stay as the kennels I used to go to had closed.

My mum took me to meet Maralyn, and we all went on a lovely walk together. Maralyn had some yummy chicken treats in her pocket, so I soon worked out that it was a good idea to stay close to her.

At Maralyns I met 2 new friends. We had a great garden to play in, a paddling pool to flop into, a shower to wash off mud and salt, and really comfy beds to sleep on.

Maralyn gave me lots of love, cuddles, strokes - and she loves having new dog guests to stay, taking us all for long walks every day when we chased frisbees and swam in the safe Brisbane Waters. She even sent photos and a copy of her GPS tracker so that my mum could see how long I'd walked and where I'd been.

I thought I might cry at night, but I was so tired and happy I slept right through! When my mum came to pick me up, I didn't really want to go home - I wanted to stay with my new best friend. I really hope that my mum will bring me back to stay with Maralyn - she's the best!'

PS - Toby's mum here - he will definitely be back!!

Felicity & Shaun about IZZY:

Labrador cross Izzy, cheeky & always full of beans

Labrador cross Izzy, cheeky & always full of beans

If dogs could write references, Maralyn would enjoy rock star status within the canine community!

But of course it’s left to us owners to try and describe the wonderful experience our dogs have when they are left in Maralyn’s care.

We first made use of Perfect Pet Sitter about 4 years ago when Maralyn looked after our dog, Izzy, in our own home while we were overseas. It was such a positive experience that we haven’t hesitated to entrust Izzy to Maralyn on many occasions since; more recently at her own home.

Maralyn has such a wonderful rapport with the dogs she cares for. She showers them with genuine affection so that they hardly notice our (the owners) absence. But she couples that with a highly responsible and disciplined regime of plenty of exercise and a good diet; so much so that when we pick up Izzy she always looks fitter and, this is hard to say, happier than when we left her!

The daily reports she provides on what Izzy has been up to provides not only a lovely commentary on what our dog’s been doing but also a constant reassurance that all is well.

It’s a shame Izzy can’t write this reference. But having seen the joy she displays when she is re-united with Maralyn we just know what she’d say: “Maralyn, you are the best!”

Julie about MURPHY:

West Highland White Terrier Murphy, small but mighty!

West Highland White Terrier Murphy, small but mighty!

I left my dog Murphy with Maralyn of Perfect Pet Sitter for 3 weeks - and he had such a great time on his holiday I'm sure he didn't want to come home!!

Everyday we got updates about Murphy and his new doggy friends, where they walked, how far they walked, and all the funny things that happened on their outings. My family and I couldn't wait to see the next instalment of Murphy 's adventures with photos attached.

I’d left Murphy reluctantly, but soon knew now I could happily go away on holidays as he has somewhere to go where is loved and treated as much as we love him.

Thank you Maralyn so much, I will recommend your pet sitting service to all my friends.

Ange & Winston about MELLO:

Chocolate Lab Mello, as an eager young pup

Chocolate Lab Mello, as an eager young pup

Thanks and gratitude - this is coming from our hearts:

Mello is our first pet who has become part of our family. Being only a puppy, we were very nervous about leaving him with strangers when we went away and only wanted to leave him with someone we could fully trust.

Maralyn you were a God send. We really appreciate you taking on Mello even though you don't normally take puppies under a year.

You went above and beyond to look after our boy and also gave us some advice and tips which we really appreciated. I loved reading your daily update emails and pics. Sometimes they made us laugh!

You weren’t required to train him - but you did! When he came home, he was even a better behaved puppy. Thank you Maralyn. For our next holiday, we will be leaving Mello with you in your care.

Since this review the owners have taken on a second dog as company for Mello,  a 3 month old German Shorthaired Pointer called Pepper. We now look after them both!

Ash & Guy about SULLA:

Bernese Mountain Dog Sulla, as lovely natured as he was handsome!

Bernese Mountain Dog Sulla, as lovely natured as he was handsome!

Maralyn was an amazing pet sitter for our 18 month old Bernese Mountain Dog. He is a gentle giant and needs lots of affection and exercise.

Maralyn looked after Sulla for 2 full weeks - the longest time we have ever left him. She gave us at least 2 daily updates on his walks - GPS tracked which included photos of him having the absolute best time with another dog she was boarding. These two became fast friends!

Maralyn's daily updates really helped put our minds at ease! Knowing Sulla was well looked after and enjoying himself as if he were at home, made the separation easier for all of us. Maralyn gave Sulla round the clock care and love, so I would highly recommend her to anyone


Dorothy & Paul about MAX:

Lagotto Romango Max, 'more please!'

Lagotto Romango Max, 'more please!'

Our Lagotto Max, a terrific puppy only 7 months old, has just returned from a week's holiday with Maralyn. But before leaving Max's for his very first stay away from home we did some extensive research and can't praise Maralyn's care of Max highly enough.

A unique point of difference with her service are the daily walks she takes her dogs to the beautiful beaches near her 'hotel' as well as the detailed daily emails (aka journals) she sends with photos of what the dogs are doing on their 'holiday'.

The emails were not only entertaining but they also kept us right up to date on all of Max's holiday adventures with new found friends.

We are delighted to have found such a professional and friendly pet sitting service.

Antoinette about HERBIE:

Golden Retriever Herbie, an 18 month old Golden Glory

Golden Retriever Herbie, an 18 month old Golden Glory

Maralyn was the most caring and lovely dog sitter I've had Herbie stay with.

Maralyn's updates, walking diagrams and care while we were away were second to none.

When Herbie needed medical attention while staying with Maralyn she wasted no time getting him to the vet and he was looked after just as I would have done myself, which thankfully put my mind to rest while I was away on holiday.

I would not hesitate to recommend Maralyn to any loving dog owner.


Gina about LEO:

Labradoodle Leo, ever active, and always on the run looking for fun

Labradoodle Leo, ever active, and always on the run looking for fun

What makes Maralyn the 'Perfect Petsitter' from Leo's doggy perspective? He gets to stay in a home environment with a carer who is both wonderfully caring and affectionate - whilst at the same time reinforcing rules of good doggy behaviour that ensures a consistent approach to training. The fact that Maralyn only ever has 2 or 3 dogs at a time means that each stay Leo gets to make new friends, or reconnect with old mates, but he still gets the personal touch that a big kennel environment cannot provide. On top of this, he gets a fantastic vacation - romping on the beautiful beaches of the lovely Central Coast.

What makes Maralyn the Perfect Petsitter from my - the owner's - perspective? I am always 100% confident that Leo is going to be well cared for in every way. I get a daily 'map my dog walk' and fantastic photos (Maralyn has a great eye!) so that I can follow his daily adventures. I know he's being fed and exercised properly, as he always returns in top health! Maralyn always goes the extra mile - showering the dogs every time they've been to the beach or get muddy, administering medication when needed, and even taking him to the vet when concerned.

She's also always demonstrated great flexibility with short notice bookings or date changes.

Maralyn perfectly combines a highly professional approach with an incredible personal, caring touch (with both dogs & their owners!) I can't recommend her highly enough.

Deb about KODA: 

Koda a young Border Collie only about 6 months old and very good to recall already

Koda a young Border Collie only about 6 months old and very good to recall already

Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant!!

Maralyn's knowledge, professionalism, understanding and love for each and every dog in her care is second to none.

My border collie, Koda, felt relaxed and comfortable with no hesitation to approach Maralyn, and that was so important to me. I knew, right then that this was the right place for my Koda. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Hound Dog Hotel.

24/7 care in Maralyn's home, the outings, the updates, the photos, and the happiness on my girls face, *Priceless*

Dale about SHADOW:

Shadow is a sweet and shy Kelpie Cross who loves her outings

Shadow is a sweet and shy Kelpie Cross who loves her outings

Your care was exceptional and I like that you took the time to meet with us before so that we could see where Shadow would be staying and your home is perfectly set up for personalised care, with good indoor and outdoor areas for Shadow. Shadow loved having doggy friends that she could interact with while we were away. I was happy that you only allow a maximum of 3 dogs at a time as this is a perfect number to provide individual attention to each dog. She did not have a chance to miss us.

Meeting her at the beach prior to our leaving was also a good idea as it gave Shadow and you a better chance to get to know each other, and to observe her usual habits.

Loved receiving your daily updates on how she was going and where her outings were. She was certainly spoiled, sometimes with an outing in the morning and again in the afternoon. She is a very active dog so this was much appreciated by Shadow and us. In short, I could not fault the excellent service you provided for us. It is great to know we are able to go away and leave Shadow in such capable care.

Ken & Marie about BECKY:

Corgi Becky is 12 and has a neurological disorder meaning she cannot stand or walk much these days. But she still loves to be out and about.

Corgi Becky is 12 and has a neurological disorder meaning she cannot stand or walk much these days. But she still loves to be out and about.

Marie and I would like to thank you so much for the outstanding care and love you gave to Becky during her stay with you at the Hound Dog Hotel.

In spite of her physical handicap you were able to obtain a pram so Becky did not miss out on outings, so special for her to go out with the other dogs.

We appreciated your updates, especially the photos you shared with us daily.

Your special care, love and kindness to Becky I know will allow her to look forward to her next stay at the Hound Dog Hotel during our next overseas trip.

We will go relaxed in the knowledge that Becky is so well cared for by you. Best wishes and thanks.



Lisa about MILLIE & CHLOE:

Cavoodles & tiny cuties, Millie & Chloe, everyone falls in love with them

Cavoodles & tiny cuties, Millie & Chloe, everyone falls in love with them

I wanted to say how grateful I am for the support I felt you provided us while away by taking such amazing care of our girls Milly and Chloe.

As they had never been looked after by anyone else in 7 yrs (except my family) I was anxious about going away and leaving them with someone new for 12 days. However, you made the lead up to looking after our girls easy for me to get comfortable with the idea. I appreciated the time you took to get to know us and the walk you did with the girls beforehand.

All of this made me feel more at ease at leaving our girls with you. I was able to relax while on holidays knowing that they were safe and happy. I also wanted to say big thanks for helping manage the temper tantrums!

Again thank you thank you thank you!! In a world where it is hard to trust people will do what they say they will do and trust they will take care of your most precious possessions you certainly restore my faith in humanity.

Matt, Maree, Emma & Steph about HONEY:

Spaniel Honey - a sweet name and sweet as sugar by nature

Spaniel Honey - a sweet name and sweet as sugar by nature

Maralyn has looked after our family dog Honey on two occasions, once for a wedding and the other while we were holidaying for 2 weeks in Vietnam.

Maralyn was fabulous with Honey, we were more than happy with her services. Her approach is professional and very hands on. Honey was extremely well looked after, walked daily and often taken to the beach, her absolute favourite.

Maralyn took the time to email us every day with updates and photos of Honey who was given lots of cuddles and responded well to her kind and gentle nature. That extra level of professionalism and caring is invaluable.

We were able to relax on our holiday knowing that Honey was happy and well looked after and feel extremely fortunate to have met Maralyn for the times when we are unable to have Honey with us. We highly recommend her services and are available to give a verbal reference if required.

Fiona about LEXI & BAXTER:

Kelpie & Old English Sheep Dog Lexi & Baxter - inseparable soul mates

Kelpie & Old English Sheep Dog Lexi & Baxter - inseparable soul mates

Baxter and Lexi had a fabulous time during their week long stay with Gail at the Hound Dog Hotel. They both seemed to be very happy pups whilst they were in her care. Lots of long leisurely walks by the sea and plenty of attention from the lovely Gail.

The updates from yourselves whilst we were away was just lovely, lots of photos, emails and texts. They seemed to enjoy the company of the other dogs that they shared their time with too. Baxter is often an anxious dog but he seemed very calm and relaxed during his stay. Gail was also quick to pick up that Baxter had a tummy bug and took him straight to the vet where he got antibiotics.

The overall care of our dogs was above and beyond. We have previously used kennels but there is just no comparison. Gail offered the dogs a home away from home. The attention, love and hugs they both received whilst in her care was just wonderful. Thank you - you will definitely be seeing our pups again.

Liza about AMBER:

Kelpie cross my pal, adorable Amber

Kelpie cross my pal, adorable Amber

Maralyn has cared for our dog Amber while we’ve been away on holiday twice, once for 10 days, and also for a long weekend. On both occasions Amber received great care and attention.

Not only were there GPS maps provided of the hour+ walks Amber went on each day, but it also included great photos of all the action. It was wonderful to get a visual of Amber playing and having fun with other dogs she came to know.

Maralyn has also taken the time to talk with me about training and behavioural issues. She has also done some lead training which Amber took to really well. It is obvious that she is well informed on animal behaviour and training and I can recommend that you engage her for this service if your dog requires it.

The best reference that can ever be given is in the greeting Maralyn gets when she comes to collect Amber. Amber is so excited to see Maralyn and her tail wags so prolifically she can hardly stay upright - at times she has hit herself in the face with her own tail!

There is no doubt that Amber looks forward to her time with the “Perfect Pet Sitter”. For me that is the most important detail, and ultimately the reason that I am pleased to recommend Maralyn’s services to anyone that needs help caring for their pet(s) and/or their home while they are away.

Tricia & Michael about HULA:

Kelpie x RR, only young but already a big girl at 30 kgs

Kelpie x RR, only young but already a big girl at 30 kgs

This was our first time leaving Hula with anyone but family and we felt 100% relaxed about choosing Maralyn.

Hula is a big dog and still young, so we were very appreciative that Maralyn suggested a meet up before our departure date to ensure that Hula was a good fit.

Maralyn was totally professional, enthusiastic and accountable for the well being of our pup. Hula arrived home happy, a bit tired from beach & dog play and able to swim!!!! (Yes, we missed her first swim).

We really appreciated reading all of the daily ‘pup-date’ emails them and sharing them with family and friends in Hawaii.

So a big thank you and thumbs up to Maralyn for puppy-sitting Hula this past holiday season!

Jen about OLIVE:

Lab Olive who loved training and treats

Lab Olive who loved training and treats

As soon as Olive and I met Maralyn I knew that she was indeed the perfect pet sitter. She has such a lovely nature with dogs and people alike that there is no way you could possibly feel like she is a stranger! Maralyn was happy to spend 24/7 with Olive if that was what we wanted - where else do you get amazing service like that?!

We didn't have internet access when we were on holiday but we loved reading all about Olive's adventures with Maralyn when we got home. No wonder Olive was so underwhelmed to see us when we got back - she had had an absolute ball with Maralyn - a holiday of her own!

It was amazing to see that Olive had learnt some tricks (really - wow!) and we were thrilled to find so many improvements in her behaviour such as walking on the lead without pulling us over!

I now can't imagine ever putting Olive into kennels again. Thank you Maralyn - I believe that Olive is your greatest fan xxx

Sandy about BELLA:

Labrador Bella, a gentle sweet lady

Labrador Bella, a gentle sweet lady

Maralyn has looked after our Labrador, Bella, twice and I’m thrilled to have found her and have her as our pet sitter.

Bella normally doesn’t like to have her photograph taken but in every photo in the daily diary that Maralyn puts together – which I might add is a wonderful keepsake - Bella is smiling, swimming or playing - a great testament to a happy dog!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Maralyn to anyone – Bella loves her and we do too.

Kelsey about BROOKLYN & TOBY:

King Charles Cavaliers, needed lots of love, and got it

King Charles Cavaliers, needed lots of love, and got it

For my husband and I, Brooklyn and Toby our two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are our children, and they both have different needs that must be attended to.

They need regular attention, daily grooming, medications and behavioural awareness which is why I could never feel comfortable leaving them in a kennel (or with anyone for that matter).

I was so nervous to leave them at first, but when I met Maralyn, a lot of my anxiety diminished just due to her lovely nature and happiness around animals.

She puts the animals first and really takes care of everything so you never have to worry!

We received constant daily journal updates and pictures about how the dogs were doing, letting us know if she had any questions (vs. just assuming) and keeping us in touch. This was the best. I never felt far away from my pups and felt totally connected to the process.

But, it was when we actually left, that I understood the true value of her! She is amazing with animals, will follow every rule/guideline you lay out to perfection, never misses a detail and looks after animals with the detail of a dedicated owner. She never missed a beat. The whole experience was better than I could have expected,

Katie about CHICO:

Wheaten Terrier and all round fire cracker Chico

Wheaten Terrier and all round fire cracker Chico

My husband and I have always been avid travellers but didn’t know if that would continue when we got our gorgeous puppy Chico. We couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him at a kennel and didn’t know any friends or family in the position to look after him. When I saw Maralyn’s blog, I knew immediately that she was the one for us!

Chico was spoilt with long walks and swims daily. We just loved the doggy journal that she created of him with photos, which allowed us to see how much fun he was having!

Both your professionalism and care are a perfect balance - I think the name of your service is very fitting! There is no doubt we will be calling you again Maralyn. Thank you!

Jane about PEBBLES:


We have a 14 year old Jack Russell named Pebbles. Last year we realised that it wasn't fair to put Pebbles in a kennel while we were away. We trawled the Net and eventually located Maralyn, met her and immediately warmed to her, and she pet sat for us 3 times in 2014.

Shortly after the first sit in March 2014, Pebbles was diagnosed with cancer. Looking on her as one of our children, naturally we were devastated. We had a family holiday booked and whilst it wasn't realistic to cancel but I was very anxious to leave Pebbles as her health so poor.

After investigating options for her treatment, she was put on Palladia, a new cancer medication for animals, and has been on these tablets for 10 months. We worried about know how she would be while we were away, especially given she needed to attend numerous Vet visits and had lots of medications to take three times a day.

But every day for the whole of the four weeks we were overseas, Maralyn emailed me with a detailed report of how Pebbles was, what she had eaten, her bowel movements (important given the meds she is on). As she was taking Pebbles for all her veterinary appointments Maralyn reported back to me what the Vets had said, any changes to medications, and how she seemed generally along with photos of her. This meant so much to me as she is such an important part of our family, and it made me much less anxious knowing she had such consistent, loving care.

I cannot recommend Maralyn highly enough not only for her wonderful, loving care of Pebbles, but also for keeping in touch so diligently and making sure we knew exactly what was going on. Maralyn is a reliable, trustworthy, compassionate, loving lady who obviously adores animals, and I would have no hesitation recommending her service to anyone who requires the best pet care available.

Foot note: Dear Pebbles was reunited with her owners and overjoyed to see them which was very moving. Sadly just three weeks later she passed away, but it was special that she managed to hang on until her owners returned and they were with her at her end.

Bob about CHARLIE

Golden Retriever Charlie at Davistown

Golden Retriever Charlie at Davistown

Thank you so very much for looking after Charlie while we were overseas.

We were a little hesitant leaving him as we how what a home dog he is and as that he is quite timid. Because of that you said he would take a day or two to settle - which was exactly the case. But it was apparent from your daily messages and photos that he soon warmed to his new environment. He clearly enjoyed the company of the other dogs and his daily outings with you to the Beaches or Brisbane Waters.

In the past Charlie had to be left at kennels but was not happy there. He has now settled back into his home routine very well and we are so glad that a chance meeting with my wife led us to you.

Simon about HUNTER:

German Wire-Haired Pointer, Hunter

German Wire-Haired Pointer, Hunter

We have a very demanding 2 year old German Wirehaired Pointer bitch called Hunter who would run all day if she had the chance and after meeting Maralyn for the first time, we knew that she was a good fit to care for her, and we were right. From the outset Maralyn was professional in her approach, the pre-reading and pre-work she asked us to do gave us confidence. Maralyn came to meet Hunter and they hit it off immediately, it may have been something to do with Maralyn’s special home cooked doggie treats as well as her experience with dogs. We felt that the difference between kennel fees and pet sitting fees were negligible.

Whilst we were away, we received daily maps and reports on Hunter which let us know she was fine. When we got back Hunter was very happy and healthy, and Maralyn also left us with a full report and some helpful hints.

We really value people that deliver on their promises. Maralyn did that and went the extra mile. We would not hesitate to recommend Maralyn to anyone who wants peace of mind whilst they are away.

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