Building your own dream business working with dogs

Before considering booking, to see what a high class service looks like and what makes my service so unique and in demand it is VITAL to look around the Hound Dog Hotel website. Be sure to read some of the many reviews and check out the videos.

Do you love dogs? 

 Have your ever thought how great it would be if you could work with dogs, be your own boss running your own business from home, and doing the hours you choose with the possibility of earning $60,000++ per annum? If so, this Seminar is for you.

 Is this you?

  •   your goal is a full-time career working with dogs, or

  •   your ideal is to work with dogs on a part-time basis, or

  • you’ve already tried to set up a business with dogs but it didn’t gain the momentum you hoped.

If any of the above scenarios describe you then this Seminar is a MUST NOT MISS opportunity.

Full of invaluable information, tips and hints, this event is an investment of your time where you can find out how to “Live your Dream”.

Over two days, you will see how to develop and run a high class and profitable Dog Hotel from home. In addition, we will also examine the following that will enable you to maximise your income :-

>Dog Walking

>Dog Training

>Dog Day Care

>Dog Obedience Training on Site

>Dog Grooming and Spa

>Dog Taxi/Transporting

>Pet Visits in Clients’ Homes

>Pet Sitting in Clients’ Homes

However, starting a dog related business can be challenging in the early days. Which is why you will hear strategies describing how you can overcome obstacles and achieve success - from an experienced dog care professional who has done exactly that. 

The programme lays out a road map to help you make your dream of working profitably and successfully with dogs become a reality. You will see how to build your own business, and achieve a healthy, active lifestyle doing what you love.

So, whether you are thinking about starting a new dog business, or want to regain your enthusiasm, the information this seminar covers is designed to inspire and re-motivate. You’ll learn how to direct your time and energy into the areas that matter and take the action steps to carve out a clear path to success.

About the presenter

My name is Maralyn Nash and I run my own highly successful Hound Dog Hotel, which is a boutique hotel for dogs.    

But when I started out there was nobody to help or advise me. I had to find out the hard way how to manage all sort of issues. The good news is you will have help – from someone who has done the hard yards so you won’t have to.

I’ve always adored dogs and had my own two wonderful German Shorthaired Pointers, (both Rescues). Then around 8 years ago I started minding dogs for other people. At first it was casual and for me wasn’t work at all, just fun.

However, as my reputation grew so did the demand for my services. I soon found I was being asked to do dog sitting, dog walking and visits and even training. So what started as a hobby rapidly developed into a new and lucrative career. 

It was by really listening to my clients I came to understand what they saw as key in relation to the care of their dogs, and designing my business model around clients’ needs and values has been the basis of the success of Hound Dog Hotel.

Something common to all my clients was the desire for 24/7 care and supervision in a highly secure environment. They get exactly that at Hound Dog Hotel, and by limiting places to just 4 dogs at a time, clients can book an elite yet affordable service where each dog is treated as a VIP (Very Important Pooch) and has its very own holiday.

Repeat bookings with clients coming back again and again have been a major contributory factor to the success of Hound Dog Hotel. In fact I’m so often at capacity these days that at times I have to turn bookings away.

And dog owners devoted to their furpals are happy to travel to where they know they will get the best dog care available. So clients come to Hound Dog Hotel from far and wide – from Sydney, the Northern Beaches and some from even further, 100s of kilometres away.

Working with dogs has been amazing - however it wasn’t all smooth sailing. At the start there were unexpected bumps in the road. But these varied experiences gave me first hand knowledge of not only what the challenges are, but also how they can be overcome.

There is much more to creating a successful life with dogs than initially meets the eye. This is why I’ll be sharing my knowledge, so you can avoid the pitfalls that are so common when starting out. The aim is that you should hit the ground running and never miss an opportunity to build your business.


Gain a realistic understanding of what it takes to be a successful professional working with dogs.

1.     See how it is possible to run your own business with dogs from your own home, to your own schedule, working your own hours with the potential to earn over $60,000pa.

2.     Learn about the fundamentals to help to start your journey to become independent & profitable in the quickest time.

3.     Hear the top 10 dog tips to running a dog hotel, or other dog services.

4.     Understand how you can take your business with dogs to the next level – so in demand that you can be selective with who you choose to provide your valued service to.

5.     Practical matters, Health & Welfare of your dogs in your care, how to handle  admin – invoicing and expenses, insurance, safety, security and much more


Do you want to know how you could earn $60000++ working with dogs?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ then do not miss this seminar as it really is possible to go from Zero to Hero, and significantly improve your fortunes, living the life you choose to live.


When:                        2 & 3 November 2019 
                                    Day One:   9-5
                                    Day Two:   9-4


Where:                       Gosford RSL Club
                                    26 Central Coast Highway
                                    West Gosfordd NSW 2250

There is plenty of accommodation at the venue and nearby


Limited places! To lock in your spot book early

SUPER EARLY BIRD:  Open now,       last day 20 Sept       $345

EARLY BIRD                                        21 Sep – 11 October $370

LAST MINUTE                                     12 Oct – 1 November    $390 





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