The courtyard, garden & grass are fully contained by a high fence. There are 5 gates – a pair of double gates on one side and three gates on the other and each perimeter gate is kept padlocked for highest levels of security.

The garden is kept clear of obvious hazards,  but if your dog is one to investigate everything through their mouth (stones, seeds, sticks etc) you must tell us as it may impact on their free access to outside.

Dogs staying with us are taken on active, leash free walks, where they can run, play and swim - interacting within the pack and with other dogs we might meet.  And while the safety and welfare of animals in our care is our paramount concern, whether on our premises or outdoors being exercised, it is a condition of acceptance that dogs are left with us wholly at the owner’s financial and other risk, and no responsibility whatsoever is taken by us for accidents, injury or illness suffered or caused, howsoever arising.


We operate on the basis of ‘full disclosure’. This means we report even minor events ensuring you’re kept in the picture and up to date on your pooch’s welfare. In an emergency we must act quickly as it is in your pet’s best interest that they are attended to asap. If we deem it necessary for a guest to visit the Vet as an emergency we first attempt to contact owners (or nominated persons) before taking action.  But we will make the decision. The Vet consult will be charged to the client, but we make no extra charge for the cost of attending an initial emergency Vet visit*. However, our service does not extend to taking guest dogs on continuing follow ups, routine vet visits (or purchasing food). This is why it is important that your dog is up-to-date with all their vaccinations and that you provide us with sufficient supplies of medications (& food) enough to cover the full duration of your dog’s stay.

N.B. If an emergency did arise we may contact your dog’s usual vet in order to gather background information. It may not be practical to take your dog to their regular vet meaning we would have to seek medical care from one of our excellent local vet hospitals. Therefore, we can only accept dogs to stay when clients have agreed:

1) to give consent for us to speak to your Vet and for us to take their pet to our local vet (or vet hospital).

2) to meet any medical bills arising for your pet as we do not routinely settle veterinary bills.

3) other than an emergency, if we are required to attend a vet with your dog an automatic charge of $35 per visit applies. A charge of $20 applies if we are required to go to a Vet to collect medicines and a $20 charge applies if we are required to make a trip to purchase food or other supplies.

To cover the (unlikely) possibility of any medical treatment for your dog we require details of a valid credit card. Clients’ provide a photocopy (front & back) of the card and this copy goes into a sealed envelope which remains unopened unless aid were needed. At the end of your dog’s stay the unopened envelope is returned.
By using our services you are giving your consent to (1) and agreeing to reimburse us with any such costs as outlined above at (2) and (3).


Routine medications such as wormers, flea and tick treatments can be given by us if they are required over the course of your dog’s stay. However, if your pet has any special care or nursing needs that require a level of attention beyond the service we already provide, you must make us aware of this before booking.

Normally the youngest guest age we accept is around 12 months, although on a case by case basis we will consider pups younger than this. Surcharges may apply.


1.   For harmony and safety of all, every doggie resident has to be well behaved.
     This means well socialised and most important of all, non-aggressive.

2.   EVERY GUEST MUST BE SPAYED or NEUTERED – we can only offer
      accommodation to dogs who are de-sexed.

3.   Guests dogs must have reliable recall.

4.   We require a copy of your dog’s most recent vaccinations and tick & flea treatments.

5.   If we see fleas on a dog staying with us (even if being treated with Advantix or Nexgard), we
need your permission to dose with a Comfortis tablet which kills fleas for 28 days. In this event clients reimburse us for the cost of a tablet (approx $20-$30 per tab, depending on size of dog).


ARRIVAL:        First day of booking, earliest drop off time 8am. No drop offs after 6pm

DEPARTURE:   Last day of booking - pick up time after 8am and before 6pm.   

Whatever arrival/departure time you choose, please be aware a full day fee applies. For the best value arrive early on the first day and collect late on the final day! 

We recommend you drop your dog off early on their arrival day  - ideally to us no later than 11am on their first day. Doing this gets your dog off to a flying start and they settle quicker as they will be able to take part in the daily pack walk which takes place in the morning. This helps new dogs bond with the others. Dogs dropped off late morning/afternoon may miss the pack walk of that day. (On departure day if you can leave collection until after lunch your dog will likely be included on the pack walk of that day too).


Hound Dog Hotel fees are PER DAY (not per night) & drop off or collection outside the times noted above attract a further full day charge.

All Public holidays and specific days named below are subject to 50% surcharge:

Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Sunday & Monday. Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day


You consent to your dog being photographed and videotaped. You agree that all images remain the property of Hound Dog Hotel and may be used on any public platform and for advertising without your prior approval. You agree to release all claims against Hound Dog Hotel including claims for privacy rights, publicity rights, ownership, publication, copyright, and compensation for use of images.


Bookings must be paid in full 28 days prior to the start date and payment locks in a clients booking. When booking for periods of high demand (such as Easter and Christmas) or where we are full and turning new enquiries away, we require a non refundable deposit of 50%.  Deposits and final payments are non refundable.

By using our services you are agreeing to the terms outlined above.

All bookings which take place within the same month they are made
are payable in full immediately on presentation of the invoice.

Please note:

1.        A deposit is paid to secure your dog’s place and is not refundable under any circumstances.

2.        No refunds apply if a client reduces the original number of days they booked for their pet’s care.

3.        Occasionally when a stay is in progress Clients find they require additional days.
We will do our very best to assist and will help if at all possible, but cannot guarantee
to be able to accommodate extra days

Payment of an invoice indicates your acceptance of and agreement to all of the conditions above. 

APRIL 2018 (last update)