Something to treasure for clients sending their furpal to us for a longer stay, a unique memento of their dog’s time at the Hound Dog Hotel captured in a stunning montage. This is a collection of stills and action footage summarising all your special pals dogscapades and adventures. Posted below these entertaining clips can be viewed and enjoyed again and again.  To see examples, press play on any of the videos below. They show from tiny Cavoodle (cutie Coconut) to 68kgs Harvey a Dogue de Bordeaux and of course my longest standing guest, Labradoodle Leo who is in many videos as he is here so often!  

(The courtyard and garden has been landscaped since the filming of some of the videos and the black shale is long gone!)


Coco is a Cattle Dog x Jack Russell. This is her third long stay (a month) and it’s always a pleasure to have her. She has so much personality packed into her lively little body there is never a dull moment. Her only scary trait is to do Olympic swims after birds - and once on their trail she will not come back until she is good and ready! But not lost her to date:-)


Herbie the handsome Golden Retriever (my nickname for him is Herbilicious) here for one of his regular stays, some short and some longer as here. It is always such a pleasure to have him here, he is a noble dog and a terrific ambassador for his breed.


Here’s Coconut revisting old pals and meeting new ones too. She is small but fiesty and always up for a play.


Here’s Harvey again during his stay in November. His heart is a big as he is, one totally adorable and very special dog. I always tell clients who have a small dog when Harvey is staying, and some decide not to send them - but they need not worry - he really is that gentle giant.


10 year old Black Lab Toby is, again, one of my regulars guests. But the main thing about Toby is you’d think he was half his age as he is so active and fully of fun. Above all, he loves to swim. Good natured and a pleasure to have stay, he was born a dog but is now a Gentleman.


To say Leo is a regular at the Hound Dog Hotel is an understatement - he is not even 5 yet he has been cared for by me over 400 days!!!! He is fun, active and super smart and it's always lovely to have him come to stay. 


Spaniel Lady had one of the hardest starts to life. Her first 4 years were spent caged used as a breeding bitch. She was rescued a year ago by a couple who fostered her and then fell in love with her and kept her. Lady is very timid and struggles with change. During her first week (of a 3 weeks stay at my Hound Dog Hotel) she had to be in a harness with a long lead attached as she would not let me get close enough to put her lead back on at the end of our adventure walks. But the length of the lead got shorter. Then no harness and no long lead as eventually she was coming to me just as the others do for their treats! Her confidence grew due to the healing power of the pack and it was great to see. This video warms my heart, I hope it will yours.


Below is Coconut on the first month of her 3 month stay. Yes you read it right, 3 months! Her owner is so happy that she is here as she gets reports and masses of pictures daily as well as Face Book entries and this video which she will enjoy as much as I hope you will. 

Harvey is truly a gentle giant. The only harm he might ever do is knock you over when he wags his tail!

Below is a very frequent guest at the Hound Dog Hotel,  lovely lively Leo! For the first few days he was the sole VIP but later was super happy when company came along. Leo is a real player and I know he prefers it when he can encourage others to play with him. If he had a catch phrase it would be: 'Chase me, chase me' !!

Below is bouncy Sparky, a mainly white two year old Cavoodle, who has been staying with me since he was quite young. Sparky was here with another Cavoodle, little Miss Coconut, and also joined for  few days by Koda a young border collie bitch. Sparky & Koda had the same energy and literally spent hours playing together. It looked rough but it was very equal and they couldn't get enough of each other!

Koda a pretty 6 month old black and white Border Collie came for her first stay away from home. I don't normally take pups quite this young but her recall was amazing and she enjoyed herself with Coconut the little Cavoodle and Sparky (featured in the video above)

Toby's owner was more than happy with his stay as you will see if you head over to the references page. Meantime, judge for yourself how much fun he had and if he enjoyed himself!  You will see 'regular' guest Leo who often comes to stay and also Coconut the pretty Cavoodle who stayed for six weeks and is already booked for 6 weeks again next year.

This is Kuro a young and energetic Cavoodle on his third stay at the Hound Dog Hotel. He is the happiest and friendliest little chap who gets on with every guest he meets. 


Here is Hugo a big Labradoodle. He first stayed at the Hound Dog Hotel a couple of years ago and this was his second visit. He was at home from the words 'Go swim!' because I think Hugo takes the award from the most water loving dog that's ever stayed!


Golden Retriever Charlie has stayed a number of times, the latest being 8-18 Jan 2018. This video below is from October 2017 as during his latest stay there was so much to put into his video the file was too long too upload! Charlie has gone from not swimming at all to now being such a water baby it's hard to keep him on dry land!


Normally I only take fit and active dogs as guests, but as an exception booked Becky the 12 year old Corgi. The owner said she couldn't go out for walks as she developed a neurological disorder 6 months ago. However, I put a request on FB and a kind person lent me a pram. From that point on Becky came out every day - and loved her outings! At regular intervals I'd lift her out of the pram so she could sniff and wander as best she could. Very rewarding.


Not seen my dear Amber for a while so it was great to see her again. Being a dedicated water baby she certainly enjoyed the daily opportunities to swim.


Brodie might be small but she is fearless - her best canine pal is Harvey who is at the top of the page and you can see her there also in Harvey's video. But this was all about her, and what a beautiful cutie she really is.


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